Accepted Papers

The list of accepted submissions (full-short-posters) is as follows (in no particular order). Posters should be (120 CM x 90 CM):

  • Spectral Embedding of Directed Networks
    Quan Zheng and David Skillicorn
  • A Longitudinal Study of the Google App Market
    Bogdan Carbunar and Rahul Potharaju
  • Influence modelling using bounded rationality in social networks
    Dharshana Kasthurirathne, Michael Harre and Mahendra Piraveenan
  • Tweet Sentiment: From Classification to Quantification
    Wei Gao and Fabrizio Sebastiani
  • Weibo, and a Tale of Two Worlds
    Wentao Han, Xiaowei Zhu, Ziyan Zhu, Wenguang Chen, Weimin Zheng and Jianguo Lu
  • DIVa: Decentralized Identity Validation for Social Networks
    Amira Soliman, Leila Bahri, Barbara Carminati, Elena Ferrari and Sarunas Girdzijauskas
  • Social Influence Computation and Maximization in Signed Networks with Competing Cascades
    Ajitesh Srivastava, Charalampos Chelmis and Viktor Prasanna
  • I/O Efficient Algorithms for Exact Distance Queries on Disk-Resident Dynamic Graphs
    Yishi Lin, Xiaowei Chen and John C.S. Lui
  • Extracting Diffusion Channels from Real-World Social Data: a Delay-Agnostic Learning of Transmission Probabilities
    Sylvain Lamprier, Simon Bourigault and Patrick Gallinari
  • Structure-Preserving Sparsification of Social Networks
    Gerd Lindner, Christian Staudt, Michael Hamann, Henning Meyerhenke and Dorothea Wagner
  • Uncovering News-Twitter Reciprocity via Interaction Patterns
    Yue Ning, Sathappan Muthiah, Ravi Tandon and Naren Ramakrishnan
  • Collaboration Signatures Reveal Scientific Impact
    Yuxiao Dong, Reid Johnson, Yang Yang and Nitesh Chawla
  • Combining Propensity and Influence Models for Product Adoption Prediction
    Ilya Verenich, Riivo Kikas, Marlon Dumas and Dmitri Melnikov
  • Social Restricted Boltzmann Machine: Human Behavior Prediction in Health Social Networks
    Nhathai Phan, Dejing Dou, Brigitte Piniewski and David Kil
  • Topological Resilience Analysis of Supply Networks under Random Disruptions and Targeted Attacks
    Wenjun Wang, Nick Street and Renato Dematta
  • If walls could talk: Patterns and anomalies in Facebook wallposts
    Pravallika Devineni, Danai Koutra, Michalis Faloutsos and Christos Faloutsos
  • Near Linear-Time Community Detection in Networks with Hardly Detectable Community Structure
    Aria Rezaei, Saeed Mahloujifar and Mahdieh Soleymani Baghshah
  • Significant Edge Detection in Target Network by Exploring Multiple Auxiliary Networks
    Nan Du, Jing Gao, Liang Ge, Vishrawas Gopalakrishnan, Xiaowei Jia, Kang Li and Aidong Zhang
  • Community-Based Prediction of Activity Change in Skype
    Irene Teinemaa, Anna Leontjeva, Marlon Dumas and Riivo Kikas
  • Rumor Spreading Maximization and Source Identification in a Social Network
    Wuqiong Luo, Wee Peng Tay and Mei Leng
  • Local Community Detection via Flow Propagation
    Costas Panagiotakis, Harris Papadakis and Paraskevi Fragopoulou
  • Modeling and Utilizing Dynamic Influence Strength for Personalized Promotion
    Ya-Wen Teng, Chih-Hua Tai, Philip Yu and Ming-Syan Chen
  • The Fragility of Twitter Social Networks Against Suspended Users
    Wei Wei, Kenneth Joseph, Huan Liu and Kathleen Carley
  • Investigating the types and effects of missing data in multilayer networks
    Rajesh Sharma, Matteo Magnani and Danilo Montesi
  • Social ties and checkin sites: Connections and latent structures in Location Based Social Networks
    Sudhir Kylasa, Giorgos Kollias and Ananth Grama
  • Measuring Article Quality in Wikipedia using the Collaboration Network
    Baptiste De La Robertie, Yoann Pitarch and Olivier Teste
  • Influence of Status on Consensus Building in Collaboration Networks
    Ilire Hasani-Mavriqi, Florian Geigl, Subhash Chandra Pujari, Elisabeth Lex and Denis Helic
  • Multi-state Open Opinion Model based on Positive and Negative Social Influences
    Yuan-Chang Chen, Hao-Shang Ma and Jen-Wei Huang
  • Beyond Friendships and Followers: The Wikipedia Social Network
    Johanna Geiß, Andreas Spitz and Michael Gertz
  • Reciprocal Recommendation System for Online Dating
    Peng Xia, Benyuan Liu, Yizhou Sun and Cindy Chen
  • Public Information Exposure Detection:Helping Users Understand Their Web Footprints
    Lisa Singh, Grace Hui Yang, Micah Sherr, Andrew Hian-Cheong, Kevin Tian, Janet Zhu and Sicong Zhang
  • Utilizing Non-QA Data to Improve Questions Routing for Users with Low QA Activity in CQA
    Ivan Srba, Marek Grznar and Maria Bielikova
  • Networking in Child Exploitation – Assessing disruption strategies using registrant information
    Russell Allsup, Evan Thomas, Bryan Monk, Richard Frank and Martin Bouchard
  • Pairwise structural role mining for user categorization in information cascades
    Sarvenaz Choobdar, Pedro Ribeiro and Fernando Silva
  • Predicting Small Group Accretion in Social Networks: A topology based incremental approach
    Ankit Sharma, Rui Kuang and Jaideep Srivastava
  • On Mining User Lifestyles from Trip Data
    Meng-Fen Chiang, Ee-Peng Lim and Jia-Wei Low
  • CS-ComDet: A Compressive Sensing Approach for Inter-Community Detection in Social Networks
    Hamidreza Mahyar, Hamid R. Rabiee, Ali Movaghar, Ali Nazemian and Elaheh Ghalebi
  • Social Network Analysis of Program Committees and Paper Acceptance Fairness
    Chen Avin, Zvi Lotker, David Peleg and Itzik Turkel
  • Fine-Grained Geolocalisation of Non-Geotagged Tweets
    Pavlos Paraskevopoulos and Themis Palpanas
  • Identification of Key Locations based on Online Social Network Activity
    Hariton Efstathiades, Demetris Antoniades, George Pallis and Marios Dikaiakos
  • Combining Heterogeneous Data Sources for Civil-Unrest Forecasting
    Gizem Korkmaz, Jose Cadena, Chris Kuhlman, Achla Marathe, Anil Kumar Vullikanti and Naren Ramakrishnan
  • Multiplex networks: a Generative Model and Algorithmic Complexity
    Matthew Dippel, Ravi Sundaram and Prithwish Basu
  • Network vs Market Relations: The Effect of Strategic Friendships in Crowdfunding
    Emőke-Ágnes Horvát, Jayaram Uparna and Brian Uzzi
  • Recurrent Subgraph Prediction
    Saurabh Nagrecha, Nitesh Chawla and Horst Bunke
  • Hierarchies, Ties and Power in Organisational Networks: Model and Analysis
    Jiamou Liu and Anastasia Moskvina
  • A Tempest in a Teacup?\Analyzing Firestorms on Twitter
    Hemank Lamba, Jürgen Pfeffer and Momin Malik
  • Leak Sinks: The Threat of Targeted Social Eavesdropping
    Yasmin Bokobza, Abigail Paradise, Guy Rapaport, Rami Puzis, Bracha Shapira and Asaf Shabtai
  • #mytweet via Instagram: Exploring User Behaviour across Multiple Social Networks
    Bang Hui Lim, Dongyuan Lu, Tao Chen and Min-Yen Kan
  • Reverse Engineering Socialbot Infiltration Strategies in Twitter
    Carlos Freitas, Fabricio Benevenuto, Saptarshi Ghosh and Adriano Veloso
  • Phonetic Normalization of Microtext
    Richard Khoury
  • Group Lending to a Borrower Network: A Partial Joint Liability model with Social Collaterals
    Usha Sridhar and Sridhar Mandyam
  • Bandwagon Effect in Facebook Discussion Groups
    Keith C. Wang, Chun-Ming Lai, Yun-Chieh Sung and S. Felix Wu
  • Private Location Based Infiltration Attack Detection in Social Networks
    Bogdan Carbunar, Rahul Potharaju, Mozhgan Azimpourkivi and Debra Davis
  • Is Normalized Mutual Information a Fair Measure for Comparing Community Detection Methods?
    Alessia Amelio and Clara Pizzuti
  • Signed Social Networks: Link Prediction and Overlapping Community Detection
    Mohsen Shahriari and Ralf Klamma
  • Overlapping Communities via k-Connected Ego Centered Groups
    Günce Keziban Orman, Onur Karadeli and Emre Çalışır
  • Finding Posts in Digital Libraries of Authors with Garbled Names
    Adam Ondrejka, Petr Saloun, Jakub Stonawski and Ivan Zelinka
  • Mining Streaming Tweets for Real-Time Event Credibility Prediction in Twitter
    Jun Zou, Faramarz Fekri and Steven McLaughlin
  • Toward Order-of-Magnitude Viral Cascade Prediction in Social Networks
    Ruocheng Guo, Elham Shaabani, Abhinav Bhatnagar and Paulo Shakarian
  • Opinion Mining in Twitter ~How to Make Use of Sarcasm to Enhance Sentiment Analysis~
    Mondher Bouazizi and Tomoaki Ohtsuki
  • Exploring Visual Stability in Dynamic Graph Drawings: A Case Study
    Alfredo Ramos Lezama, Irene-Angelica Chounta, Tilman Göhnert and H. Ulrich Hoppe
  • Reformulations of the Map Equation for Community Finding and Blockmodelling
    Neil Hurley and Erika Duriakova
  • Reconstructing Dynamic Social Network by Choosing Local Maximum Degree Substitute
    Yu-Hao Ke, Shiou-Chi Li, Jen-Wei Huang and Fa-Yuan Liu
  • Privacy Preservation in Social networks through alpha – anonymization techniques
    Saptarshi Chakraborty and Bala Krushna Tripathy
  • Enriching Arabic Tweets Representation based on Web Search Engine and the Rough Set Theory
    Mohammed Bekkali, Issam Sahmoudi and Abdelmonaime Lachkar
  • Modelling time evolving interactions in networks through a non stationary extension of stochastic block models
    Marco Corneli, Pierre Latouche and Fabrice Rossi
  • Uncovering the Structure of Knowledge Exchange in a MOOC Discussion Forum
    Tobias Hecking, Andreas Harrer and H. Ulrich Hoppe
  • Mood Prediction in Social Media
    Mahnaz Roshanaei, Richard Han and Shivakant Mishra
  • Dynamics of Multi-Campaign Propagation in Online Social Networks
    Thejaswi M, Sriniketh Vijayaraghavan, Avinash Das and P. Santhi Thilagam
  • Hybrid Epidemic Model for Deindividuation and Antinormative Behavior in Online Social Networks
    Cong Liao, Anna Squicciarini, Christopher Griffin and Sarah Rajtmajer
  • Discovery of Latent Content Topics for Timely News Popularity Prediction
    Moayad Alshangiti and Qi Yu
  • On Influence Maximization to Target Users in the Presence of Multiple Acceptances
    Chien-Wei Chang, Mi-Yen Yeh and Kun-Ta Chuang
  • AttitudeBuzz: Using Social Media Data to Localize Complex Attitudes
    Jason Cohn, Alex Kuntz and Larry Birnbaum
  • Understanding Spreading Patterns on Social Networks Based on Network Topology
    Yayati Gupta, Sudarshan Iyengar and Akrati Saxena
  • Graph Traversal-based Fast Community Detection in Social Networks
    Partha Basuchowdhuri, Varsha Nagarajan, Surabhi Gupta, Khusbu Mishra and Subhashis Majumder
  • EnTwine: Feature Analysis and Candidate Selection for Social User Identity Aggregation
    Niyati Chhaya, Dhwanit Agarwal, Nikaash Puri, Paridhi Jain and Deepak Pai
  • Exploring a Scalable Solution to Identifying Events in Noisy Twitter Streams
    Shamanth Kumar, Sameep Mehta, L. Venkata Subramaniam and Huan Liu
  • Believe it or Not? Analyzing Information Credibility in Microblogs
    Byungkyu Kang, Tobias Hollerer and John O'Donovan
  • Community Detection in Social Network with Pairwisely Constrained Symmetric Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
    Shi Xiaohua, Lu Hongtao, He Yangcheng and Shan He
  • Event Detection: Exploiting Socio-Physical Interactions in Physical Spaces
    Kasthuri Jayarajah, Archan Misra, Xiao-Wen Ruan and Ee-Peng Lim
  • HyperCubeMap: Optimal Social Network Ad Allocation Using Hyperbolic Embedding
    Hui Miao, Peixin Gao, Mohammadtaghi Hajiaghayi and John Baras
  • Differentially Private Publication of Social Graphs at Linear Cost
    Huu-Hiep Nguyen, Abdessamad Imine and Michael Rusinowitch
  • Influence of the Null-Model on Motif Detection
    Influence of the Null-Model on Motif Detection Wolfgang Eugen Schlauch and Katharina Anna Zweig
  • Targeted Dot Product Representation for Friend Recommendation in Online Social Networks
    Minh Dao, Akshay Rangamani, Sang Peter Chin, Nam Nguyen and Trac Tran
  • Finding the Right Social Media Site for Questions
    震 杨, Isaac Jones, Xia Hu and Huan Liu
  • Trust Inference in Online Social Networks
    Athanasios Papaoikonomou, Magdalini Kardara and Theodora Varvarigou
  • Community-centric analysis of user engagement in Skype social network
    Giulio Rossetti, Luca Pappalardo, Riivo Kikas, Dino Pedreschi, Fosca Giannotti and Marlon Dumas
  • Interaction Prediction in Dynamic Networks exploiting Community Discovery
    Giulio Rossetti, Riccardo Guidotti, Diego Pennacchioli, Dino Pedreschi and Fosca Giannotti
  • Breaking the News: Extracting the Sparse Citation Network Backbone of Online News Articles
    Andreas Spitz and Michael Gertz
  • Information Spread in Social Networks through Scheduling Seeding Methods
    Alon Sela, Irad Ben-Gal, Alex Pentland and Erez Shmueli
  • Multi-Level Anomaly Detection on Time-Varying Graph Data
    Robert Bridges, John Collins, Erik Ferragut, Jason Laska and Blair D. Sullivan
  • Using weak ties to understand resource usage behaviors in an online community of educators
    Ogheneovo Dibie and Tamara Sumner
  • Modeling Social Network Topology with Variable Social Vector Clocks
    Ta-Yuan Hsu and Ajay D. Kshemkalyani
  • Exploiting Phase Transitions for the Efficient Sampling of the Fixed Degree Sequence Model
    Christian Brugger, André Lucas Chinazzo, Alexandre Flores John, Christian De Schryver, Norbert Wehn, Andreas Spitz and Katharina Anna Zweig
  • Characterization of cross-posting activity for professional users across Facebook, Twitter and Google+
    Reza Farahbakhsh, Ángel Cuevas and Noel Crespi
  • Identification and characterization of cyberbullying dynamics in an online social network
    Anna Squicciarini, Sarah Rajtmajer, Yuxuan Liu and Christopher Griffin
  • A Dynamic Algorithm for Local Community Detection in Graphs
    Anita Zakrzewska and David Bader
  • Actions are louder than words in social media
    Rostyslav Korolov, Justin Peabody, Allen Lavoie, Sanmay Das, Malik Magdon-Ismail and William Wallace
  • Real-time Detection of Prominent Users during Specific Events by Learning On- and Off-topic Features of User Activities
    Imen Bizid, Nibal Nayef and Patrice Boursier
  • On the Skewed Degree Distribution of Hierarchical Networks
    Bijan Ranjbar-Sahraei, Haitham Bou Ammar, Karl Tuyls and Gerhard Weiss
  • ''Got to have faith!'': The DEvOTION algorithm for delurking in social networks
    Roberto Interdonato, Chiara Pulice and Andrea Tagarelli
  • Toward Understanding the Mobile Social Properties: An Analysis on Instagram Photo-Sharing Network
    Shan Yun Teng, Mi-Yen Yeh and Kun-Ta Chuang
  • From Coincidence to Purposeful Flow? Properties of Transcendental Information Cascades
    Markus Luczak-Roesch, Ramine Tinati, Max Van Kleek and Nigel Shadbolt
  • Towards Topic Following in Heterogeneous Information Networks
    Deqing Yang, Yanghua Xiao, Hanghang Tong, Wanyun Cui and Wei Wang
  • Hunting Organization-Targeted Socialbots
    Abigail Paradise, Asaf Shabtai and Rami Puzis
  • Analysis of Spatially Oriented Topic Versatility over Time on Social Media
    Gwan Jang and Sung-Hyon Myaeng
  • Human behaviour in different social medias : A case study of Twitter and Disqus
    Hasan Al Maruf, Nagib Meshkat, Mohammed Eunus Ali and Jalal Mahmud
  • Finding Non-Redundant Multi-Word Events on Twitter
    Nikou Guennemann and Juergen Pfeffer
  • Presence of an Ecosystem: a catalyst in the Knowledge Building Process in Crowdsourced Annotation Environments
    Anamika Chhabra, Sudarshan Iyengar, Poonam Saini and Rajesh Shreedhar Bhat
  • Time-aware Egocentric network-based User Profiling
    Marie-Françoise Canut, Sirinya On-At, André Péninou and Florence Sedes
  • Node Embeddings in Social Network Analysis
    Thuy Vu and D. Stott Parker
  • Who is More Positive in Private? Analyzing Sentiment Differences across Privacy Levels and Demographic Factors in Facebook Chats and Posts
    Bo Gao, Bettina Berendt and Joaquin Vanschoren
  • Mining Complaints for Traffic-Jam Estimation: A Social Sensor Application
    Theodore Georgiou, Amr El Abbadi, Xifeng Yan and Jemin George
  • Role and position detection in networks: reloaded
    Davide Vega, Matteo Magnani, Roc Meseguer and Felix Freitag
  • Forecasting High Tide: Predicting Times of Elevated Activity in Online Social Media
    Jimpei Harada, David Darmon, Michelle Girvan and William Rand
  • Careful what you share in six seconds: Detecting cyberbullying instances in Vine
    Rahat Rafiq, Homa Hosseinmardi, Sabrina Mattson, Richard Han, Qin Lv and Shivakant Mishra
  • Social Event Extraction: Task, Challenges and Techniques
    Hao Li, Lin Zhao and Heng Ji
  • Discovering Obscure Sightseeing Spots by Analysis of Geo-tagged Social Images
    Chenyi Zhuang, Qiang Ma, Xuefeng Liang and Masatoshi Yoshikawa
  • Little Bad Concerns: Using Sentiment Analysis to Assess Structural Balance in Communication Networks
    Jana Diesner and Craig Evans
  • Unsupervised Graph-Based Patterns Extraction for Emotion Classification
    Carlos Argueta, Yi-Shin Chen and Elvis Saravia
  • Statistical mechanics approach for collaborative business social network reconstruction
    Angelo Corallo, Cristian Bisconti, Laura Fortunato, Antonio Andrea Gentile and Piergiuseppe Pellè
  • Leveraging Rating Behavior to Predict Negative Social Ties
    Luc-Aurélien Gauthier, Benjamin Piwowarski and Patrick Gallinari
  • Network Completion with Node Similarity: A Matrix Completion Approach with Provable Guarantees
    Farzan Masrour, Iman Barjasteh, Rana Forsati, Abdol-Hossein Esfahanian and Hayder Radha
  • Analyzing the activity of a person in a chat by combining network analysis and fuzzy logic
    Sude Tavassoli and Katharina Anna Zweig


  • ASONAM 2105 Program
  • IEEE Computer Society
  • ACM




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