Session E4

Session E4: (Workshop) The First Workshop on Social Network Analysis in Applications (II)

Session Chair:

  1. #128 Krzysztof Jędrzejewski and Mikołaj Morzy
    Opinion Mining and Social Networks: a Promising Match
  2. #119 Fang-Ling Lin and Guey-Fa Chiou
    Social Brokerage behind Knowledge Sharing
  3. #63 Wei-Lun Chang and Sian-Ting Lin
    Analyzing Personality Correlation of Social Network in Organizations
  4. #130 Arjumand Younus, Muhammad Atif Qureshi, Fiza Fatima Asar, Muhammad Azam Ghullam, Muhammad Saeed Khalid and Nasir Touheed
    What do the Average Twitterers Say: a Twitter Model for Public Opinion Analysis in the Face of Major Political Events