Session E3

Session E3: (Workshop) The 3rd International Workshop on Mining Social Networks for Decision Support

Session Chair: Yuan-Chu Hwang

  1. #158 I-Mei Lin and Yuan-Chu Hwang  
    Exploring the Social Network Relationships on Hostility Behaviors
  2. #76 Pei-Shan Jang, I-Hsien Ting and Shyue-Liang Wang
    Towards Social Recommendation System Based on The Data from Microblogs
  3. #108 Yi-Ning Tu and Jia-Lang Seng  
    Evaluating the Impact Power of Authors via Bayesian Estimation of Authors’ Social Connections
  4. #155 Chen-Shu Wang and I-Hsien Ting
    Academic Conference Network in Taiwan via Social Networks Analysis
  5. #174 Qin Wu, Robert Duval, Edgar Fuller, Xingqin Qi and Cun-Quan Zhang  
    Modeling Network Changes: Systemic Centrality in Foreign Policy Interaction Analysis
  6. #104 Sreedhar Bhukya
    Discover academic experts in novel social network model