Session E1

Session E1: Application of SNA

Sesion Chair:

  1. #142 Han-Chang Huang and Hung-Yu Kao
    CAIS: Community based Annotation Insight Search in a Folksonomy Network
  2. #51 Marina Danilevsky, Joshua Hailpern and Jiawei Han
    Geo-Friends Recommendation in GPS-based Cyber-Physical Social Network
  3. #20 Chen Liang, Sharath Hiremagalore, Angelos Stavrou and Huzefa Rangwala
    Predicting Network Response Times Using Social Information
  4. #32 Min-Feng Wang, Sie-Long Jheng, Meng-Feng Tsai and Cheng-Hsien Tang
    Enterprise Email Classification Based on Social Network Features
  5. #173 Tansel Ozyer
    Ensemble of Multi-Objective Clustering Unified With H-Confidence Metric as Validity Metric