Session D4

Session D4: Temporal Analysis on Social Network Topologies

Session Chair:

  1. #101 Chi Wang, Jie Tang, Jimeng Sun and Jiawei Han
    Dynamic Social Influence Analysis through Time-dependent Factor Graphs
  2. #118 Bo Yang
    A Random Network Ensemble Model Based Generalized Network Communities Mining Algorithm
  3. #160 Chung-Hong Lee, Hsin-Chang Yang, Tzan-Feng Chien and Wei-Shiang Wen
    A Novel Approach for Event Detection by Mining Spatio-temporal Information on Microblogs
  4. #129 Michele Berlingerio, Michele Coscia, Fosca Giannotti, Anna Monreale and Dino Pedreschi
    Foundations of Multidimensional Network Analysis
  5. #27 Michele Berlingerio, Michele Coscia and Fosca Giannotti
    Finding and Characterizing Communities in Multidimensional Networks