Session D1

Session D1: (Workshop) The 1st International Workshop on Cloud Computing in Social Networks

Session Chair: Dr. Wen-Chih Tsai

  1. #46 I-Hsien Ting, Chia-Hung Lin and Chen-Shu Wang
    Constructing A Cloud Computing Based Social Networks Data Warehousing and Analyzing System
  2. #183 Wen-Chih Tsai
    Cloud computing architecture for social computing - a comparison study of Facebook and Google
  3. #57 Chien-Chih Tu and An-Pin Chen
    Building a Game-Based e-Learning (GBeL) social network for new immigrant education in cloud computing
  4. #189 Mao Ping Wen and Hsio-Yi Lin
    An Integrated Home Financial Investment Learning Environment to Exploit Cloud Computing for Social Network Analysis