Session C2

Session C2: Recommendation (II)

Session Chair:

  1. #111 Hendrik Wermser, Achim Rettinger and Volker Tresp
    Modeling and Learning Context-Aware Recommendation Scenarios using Tensor Decomposition
  2. #71 Jyi-Shane Liu and Ke-Chih Ning
    Applying Link Prediction to Ranking Candidates for High-Level Government Post
  3. #146 Daniel Chapsky
    Leveraging online social network data and external data sources to predict personality
  4. #178 Johann Stan, Viet-Hung Do and Pierre Maret
    Semantic User Interaction Profiles for Better People Recommendation
  5. #188 Kyong Jin Shim and Kuo-Wei Hsu
    Modeling Player Performance in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games: The Effects of Diversity in Mentoring Network