Session C1

Session C1: Contextual Social Network Analysis (II)

Session Chair:

  1. #95 Qing Ke, Yuxiao Dong and Bin Wu
    Efficient Search in Networks using Conductance
  2. #97 Christophe Thovex and Francky Trichet
    A semantic and multidisciplinary model for professional and social networks analysis
  3. #33 Iraklis Varlamis and George Tsatsaronis
    Visualizing Bibliographic Databases as Graphs and Mining Potential Research Synergies
  4. #99 Charles Perez, Lemercier Marc, Babiga Birregah and Alain Corpel
    SPOT 1.0 : Scoring Suspicious Profiles On Twitter
  5. #83 Yuxiao Dong, Qing Ke and Bin Wu
    Link Prediction Based On Local Information