Session B4

Session B4: (Workshop) Cyberpsychological Analysis of Social Network Analysis in Applications

Session Chair: Prof. Yu-Hui Tao

  1. #23 Shiro Uesugi
    Effect of Personal Traits in the usages of SNS
  2. #72 Yu-Lung Wu, Yu-Hui Tao, Ching-Pu Lee, Pei-Chi Yang and Guo-Shin Huang
    The moderating role of virtual community cohesion and critical mass on the link between online-game website service quality and play satisfaction
  3. #115 Michael Chao-Sheng Chang
    Encouraging Participation in Virtual Community via Classified Facilitation Mechanisms
  4. #127 Chian-Hsueng Chao
    Reconceptualizing the Internet Human Flesh Search Mechanism: Review of the Literature
  5. #26 Chia Sung Yen, Shih Chun Yang, Tien Hui Yeh and Yi Inn Sun. 
    The Organizational Justice Strategies to Affect Learning Performance and Self-efficacy
  6. #69 Chienhsing Wu, Shuchen Kao, Jiwe Chang and Kaeying Chen  
    A Comparison of Cognitive Styles on the Behavior of Obtaining Knowledge: Field Independence Vs. Field Dependence