Session B3

Session B3: Dynamic Social Networks (I)

Session Chair:

  1. #143 Darcy Davis, Ryan Lichtenwalter and Nitesh V. Chawla
    Multi-Relational Link Prediction in Heterogeneous Information Networks
  2. #96 Juan Lang and S. Felix Wu
    Social Network User Lifetime
  3. #68 Elsa Negre, Rokia Missaoui and Jean Vaillancourt
    Predicting Social Network Structure once a Node is Deleted
  4. #30 Tomoyuki Yuasa and Susumu Shirayama
    A New Analysis Method for Simulations Using Node Categorizations
  5. #58 Pei-Chun Ko and Vincent Buskens
    Dynamics of Adolescent Friendships: The Interplay between Structure and Gender
  6. #17 Usha Sridhar and Sridhar Mandyam
    Information Sources Driving Social Influence: A New Model for Belief Learning in Social Networks