Session B2

Session B2: Privacy and Security

Session Chair:

  1. #52 Gautam Srivastava, S. Venkatesh and Bruce Kapron
    Social Network Anonymization via Edge Addition
  2. #44 Guido Barbian
    Assessing Trust by Disclosure in Online Social Networks
  3. #140 Mohammad A. Tayebi, Laurens Bekker, Vahid Dabbaghian and Uwe Glasser
    Locating Central Actors in Co-offending Networks
  4. #184 Sean Chester and Gautam Srivastava
    Social Network Privacy for Attribute Disclosure Attacks
  5. #86 Hsin-Chang Yang and Chung-Hong Lee
    Post-Level Spam Detection for Social Bookmarking Web Sites
  6. #180 Kyung Soo Cho, Jae Yeol Yoon, Iee Joon Kim, Ji Yeon Lim and Ung-Mo Kim
    Mining Information of Anonymous User on a Social Network Service