Session A3

Session A3: (Workshop) The First International Workshop on Mobile Social Network

Session Chair:

  1. #50 Yao-Hua Ho, Yao-Chuan Wu, Meng Chang Chen, Tsun-Jui Wen and Yeali S. Sun
    GPS Data Based Urban Guidance
  2. #176 Bi-Ru Dai, Chang-Yi Lee and Chih-Heng Chung
    A Framework of Recommendation System Based on both Network Structure and Messages
  3. #166 Saravanan M., Buveneswari S, Divya S and Ramya V
    Bayesian Filters for Mobile Recommender Systems
  4. #177 Cheng-Ta Yang, Wen-Sheng Chang, Fan-Ning Cheng and Wei-Guang Teng
    Assessing Media Relevance via Eye Tracking
  5. #81 Jianhua Shao
    Mobile Engagement