Session A1

Session A1: Contextual Social Network Analysis (I)

Session Chair:

  1. #152 Matteo Magnani and Luca Rossi.
    The ML-model for multi-layer social networks
  2. #100 Yuto Yamaguchi, Toshiyuki Amagasa and Hiroyuki Kitagawa
    Tag-based User Topic Discovery using Twitter Lists
  3. #150 Kathy Macropol and Ambuj Singh
    Content-based Modeling and Prediction of Information Dissemination
  4. #151 Marina Danilevsky, Joshua Hailpern and Jiawei Han
    SCENE: Structural Conversation Evolution NEtwork
  5. #182 Yu-Chin Liu, Ti-Lin Chueh and Yun-Shan Cheng
    A Hybrid Approach to Discover MEC Interview Data - With the Hierarchical Value Map of Social Networking Sites as an Example