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Before you proceed to complete the registration, note the following:
(1) All fees are in USD;
(2) One registration allows you to attend all the sessions associated with ASONAM 2021 and the colocated events, including workshops, symposiums, tutorials and keynotes
(3) The mobile phone number should include country code. It is very important for sharing important conference related messages using WHATSAPP. This is needed for you to avoid missing any details.
Enter your phone number in the format +CP, where C is country code, and P is phone number with prefix area code. Example, +905502301234, here 90 is country code and 5502301234 is the phone number which include 550 as prefix area code

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Before Oct 21, 2021 After Oct 21, 2021
Member IEEE/ACM 250 300
Non-members 300 350
Student member IEEE/ACM 150 200
Student non-member 200 250
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Cancellation Policy: Registration cancellations will not be accepted unless made in writing to the event organizer. Cancellations made more than twenty (20) days prior to the conference or event date will be refunded less 25% of the registration fee to cover administration costs. No registration refunds will be made after this date.