Keynote Speakers

Arno H.P. Reuser

Social networks are not social, and it is not about networking either : current challenges in the information world and recommendations on their solutions

Abstract : Developments in the information landscape today seem to progress at the speed of a medium sized rocket, except for some areas (most notably computer hardware). Many also think or assume that these development are very important and have dramatic changes in the way the general public behaves, lives, moves, exists. In scholarly communication, things indeed have changed, but one may wonder if these changes are for the better or for the worse. Prof. Loosjes Circle of Scientific Communication has changed dramatically, but the new developments and assumptions that go with them have a negative consequences for the way we handle information. Intelligence services typically tend to go for change, but the famous intelligence circles still have two fundamental errors. The talk will explain the drawbacks of 'social' 'networks' that are typically neither, Loosjes communication circle and the challenges of today's information society and recommendations on how to solve these.